Foil Surf / Grasshopper Foil Surfboard


Grasshopper Foil Surfboard

One of the critical keys to foil surfing success is paddle power, and you have it with the float and longer rail line of the Grasshopper.  Early on in your foiling career, you want to glide in as early as possible on mellow waves, and get yourself up on foil before anything crazy can happen. 

As your rides become longer and longer, you want to be able to paddle back out to the peak without burning out, or hook up with the next whitecap on a downwinder. You’ll still want to go as small as you think you can manage (and maybe even a little smaller than that) because unlike surfboards, bigger foilboards are LESS stable except for paddling.

This model’s focus is more on gliding like a bird and catching a lot of waves, rather than aggressively pumping.  If you want to pump like crazy between waves and carve really hard in the pocket, check out the Locust model here.

The concave deck up front does four things: lowers your center of gravity, reduces swing weight, shifts the volume distribution to the tail for maximum wave catching, and gives you more space to bring your legs up from under you when popping up. The rails are full and forgiving to the nose


  • 4'10", 5'0", 5'2", 5'4", 5'6", 5’8”, 5’10”, 6’0”


  • Low entry rocker

  • Maximum float

  • Concave deck


  • Super strong internal box reinforcement and carbon overlay

  • Standard plate/track foil attachment only

  • 11” box adjustment

Foil not included with purchase of foil surfboard.


Length Width Thickness Volume (L) Volume (Beers)
4'10" 19.12 2.62 35.78 100.82
5'0" 19.37 2.62 37.61 105.97
5'2" 19.62 2.68 40 112.71
5'4" 20.25 2.75 44.67 125.87
5'6" 20.50 2.81 47.63 134.21