Foil Surf / Locust Foil Surfboard


Locust Foil Surfboard

Like jumping down from a longboard to a shortboard in your surfing journey, the Locust foil is the next step in your foiling career (it was for us too!). Considerably shorter and slightly wider than the Grasshopper model, the lack of swing weight in the Locust makes for easier pumping and more maneuverability.

Like moving to a shortboard, though, you’ll lose a bit of paddle speed. You’ll soon learn to switch up your wave catching technique to take advantage of whitewater chip-shots instead of the early glide-in.

The chines on the bottom of the rail reduce the wetted out surface area, resulting in less drag when lifting out of the water, or laying it over carving. The Locust features the same concave deck and full, forgiving rails as the Grasshopper.


  • 3’8”, 4’0”, 4’4”, 4’8”


  • Minimal rocker

  • Maximum float + volume in a small package

  • Shorter rail line increases maneuverability and makes for easier pumping

  • Concave deck (lower center of gravity, less swing weight, thick tail above the foil).


  • Super strong internal box reinforcement and carbon overlay

  • Standard plate/track foil attachment only

  • 11” box adjustment

Foil not included with purchase of foil surfboard.


Length Width Thickness Volume (L) Volume (Beers)
3'8" 18.5 2.87 28.16 79.35
4'0" 20.12 3.06 36 101.44
4'4" 20.31 3.06 39.34 110.85
4'8" 20.5 3.06 42.73 120.4